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Investor profiler tool

The first step in determining what type of investments suit you is knowing the type of investor you are. Do you like simple, safe options? Do you prefer to take on more risk for the potential of larger returns? Are you investing for the short term or the long term? Use our tool to discover what type of investor you are.

Retirement planner calculator

Is there a gap in your retirement savings? This calculator can help you compare how much you have and how long it will last, compared to how much you'll need for the lifestyle you want. Why not find out how your plans are tracking.

Salary sacrifice calculator

There are two ways you can make contributions to your super - either with pre-tax money (using salary sacrifice) or after tax money. Our 'Salary sacrifice calculator' helps you compare these two methods by showing the net effect on your take home and on your super contributions.

Savings calculator

Our calculator projects how much your savings will be worth over a period of time. It also lets you change your details so you can compare the results and see the difference that saving a little extra can make.

Budget spreadsheet

Take a look at our Budget spreadsheet. There is a simple and a comprehensive version to help you plan no matter what your circumstances are.


How much insurance cover am I eligible for? If you contribute at least 5% of pre-tax salary or 4% of post tax salary to the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Staff Superannuation Plan, your employer will pay the premium for both default salary continuance insurance and default Death and TPD insurance on your behalf. For insurance information please contact us on 1800 787 372.