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Welcome to Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Staff Super Plan (BASSP)

From your very first pay day, Bendigo Payroll Service directs your Superannuation Guarantee to a nominated superannuation fund to help you save for your retirement. For many of us, our superannuation is likely to be one of the biggest assets we’ll ever have. And with such a sizeable amount of money invested, it pays to be interested in your super. Organise and manage your super well and you can shape your own future with financial freedom.

Insurance without health assessment

New employees joining BASSP automatically receive income protection as well as death and total & permanent disablement (TPD) insurance without the need for a health assessment. Standard income protection cover pays 75% of your salary for up to two years when you are too ill to work. It has a 60-day waiting period.

Staff Benefit – additional contributions to your super

As an additional staff benefit, your employer will make additional contributions that offset the cost of your standard income protection and Death & TPD insurances when you contribute your own money to BASSP.

All you need to do is make contributions of at least

  • 4% of your after-tax salary; or
  • 5% of pre-tax salary (salary sacrifice); or
  • a mix of before and after tax contributions that equals 5%; and
  • you continue to direct your employer’s superannuation guarantee to BASSP; and
  • you do not transfer any portion of your BASSP balance to another super fund.

The full eligibility guidelines are available here.

It’s a win-win situation. Your super balance grows and is not eaten away by insurance premiums. It’s another way your employer helps you save for your future.

Discounted Fees

The Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Staff Super Plan offers great value:

  • Annual member fee of $46.13.
  • Annual administration fee of 0.15% on your account balance.
  • Annual investment fee between 0.00 - 3.45% depending on the investment(s) you select.
  • No contribution or rollover fees.

Note: All fees disclosed are inclusive of GST and net of any applicable Reduced Input Tax Credits.

About choice of fund – Bendigo and Adelaide Bank employees

If you wish to direct your super to another fund, forward a Choice Form to the Payroll Department prior to your first pay day so a BASSP account is not opened by default. Please note: if you choose a fund other than BASSP you will not be eligible for the insurance benefits outlined above.

About choice of fund – Community Bank® employees

Choice of fund may be available depending upon your workplace agreement. You need to check this and make choice of fund arrangements with your employer, the Community Bank® company. Bendigo Payroll Service is not involved in these alternative super arrangements and does not send super contributions to funds other than the BASSP. Your Company’s Treasurer should notify Bendigo Payroll Service of your decision to exercise choice of fund. This should be done prior to your first pay day to ensure a BASSP account is not opened by default.

If you choose a fund other than BASSP you will not be eligible for the insurance benefits outlined above.

Sort your super today

For more information contact our client services team on 1800 787 372 or email You can contact Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s Staff Super Co-ordinator, Helen Sweeney, on 03 5485 6779 or email